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Shine model support for the well-being of the whole family

Shine model includes structured and themed face-to-face or online group activities for families whose children have special needs.

Families who have children with special needs can often have distorted picture about their strengths, resources, and capabilities. Everyday life can be stressful and life can feel like surviving day after day. Perhaps, other people don’t understand the child’s support needs and the parents don’t get understanding or help. The parents must tell and prove to the professionals their child’s need over and over. Even so, they might not get the support they need. Often, only negative things about the child are told to the professionals. All this feeds the negative cycle.

These families need support to recognise the positive aspects in their family and bring out the strengths of each family member. They also need peer support. Another parent’s story can make your own situation easier. However, meetings should be structured and themed, so that parents don’t get caught up in negative things.

To whom?

Families whose children have special needs, such as intellectual disability, autism, ADHD, ADD, Tourette, mental health.


Shine-model has increased all of these themes in the families;

  • Participation
  • Peer support
  • Awareness of services
  • The ability to act as parents
  • Social and emotion skills of the children

The model can be implemented both face to face and online. In both cases, the families have experienced that they get peer support, information, and resources. In the face-to-face meetings, the parents have told, that important to them is that they can come to a pre-planned event.

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